Templar Titan Armory provides State of the Art ammunition in bulk quantities.


Shipping is always free.


We ask the you place orders to stay ahead of your needs so we can keep you supplied.


Weatherproof ammo boxes store your purchases safety and securely, as received.


We offer the best prices for those who demand the highest quality ammunition.

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  • Templar Titan Armory packs all ammunition ordered in ABS Plastic boxes that are wind, dust, and water proof.
  • We bulk load (loose inside the box) with closed-cell foam pads on the top and bottom of each box.
  • We offer three (3) quantiles: 100 round box, 500 round box, and 1000 round box).
  • All ammo boxes are at no cost to you.
  • Your business is greatly appreciated; we are here to serve you !

we will add something later

we will add something later

Templar Titan serves end-users globally, delivered by professionals with a proven history of discipline, integrity, and the highest level of unique skillsets. Our team’s top priority is to meet and exceed every job expectation.

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